The MMA Stake Pool

Delegate your ADA and support your Mixed-Martial-Arts and Brazilian-Jiu-Jitsu community.
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Goals and Commitment

The MMA Stake Pool exists to give financial support to its delegator's local gyms with the pool's own rewards and support the development of the Cardano network.

The MMA Stake Pool is commited to the long-term success of Cardano and contributing to its network with the following "Proofs-of-Skin in the game":
     - A major part of the operator's net worth is already invested in the pool's pledge, as a                       Master/PhD student.
     - The servers running the pool are reserved in a 3-year contract.
     - The operator is a Plutus Pioneer learning, implementing, and testing on Cardano's smart                 contract testnet.
     - The operator is starting a PhD on scalable quantum-resistance for blockchain systems, a topic           part of Cardano's 2025 roadmap, as mentioned by its creator Charles Hoskinson.

Current Status

Benefactors: The MMA Stake Pool is currently supporting Sanefighting Gym in Munich.

Current reward policy: While the pool is still in its infancy, fees will stay low and rewards will be used to grow the pledge.

20% of block rewards will still go to supporting Sanefighting Gym on top of the monthly 70€ out of own finances that were being given anyway before starting the pool.
As the pledge increases, the percentage of block rewards to donate will increase.

To estimate your own rewards, go to the Cardano Foundation's easy-to-use calculator
Fees: 0.00 % / Fixed fees : 340 ₳ / Epoch ( minimum set by Shelley parameters )

Next pledge milestone: 25k 

Become a benefactor: Delegators can contact the MMA Stake Pool to introduce their local gym or martial artist in need of financial support.

click here to contact.


The MMA Stake Pool is part of the Single Pool Alliance (SPA) and the Mission Driven Pools (MDP).

SPA pool operators are commited to running a single well run pool to keep Cardano decentralized and avoid opening mutliple pools to maximize their personal reward profits.

MDP pool operators donate part of their personal rewards to various causes like supporting MMA and BJJ gyms in this case

Specifications and Architecture

The MMA Stake Pool runs on Microsoft Azure's cloud services providing connections all around the world. In addition to standard server security, Azure provides extra security services to ensure the safety and stability of the pool.

Additionally, a relay runs at home on a Raspberry Pi to increase decentralization.

The servers run the hardware specifications recommended by the Cardano Foundation

Remember, your ADA always stays in your own wallet when delegating, you are responsible for the security of your own funds.

About the Operator

I am an MMA and BJJ enthusiast more talented in math, science, and tech than fighting, but you make the best of the opportunites you get, like starting a stake pool for MMA. Currently, I am writing my Master's thesis in electrical engineering about quantum cryptography. Later in 2021, I will be starting my PhD in scalable quantum-resistance for blockchain systems.

I am incredibly grateful for finding Cardano and being able to contribute at such an early stage with a small independent stake pool and by taking part in the Plutus Pioneer Program.


Get in touch per email, Telegram, or Twitter!


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